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Iditarod Tours - Iditarod Trail | Escorted Alaska Tours

Known as the "Last Great Race on Earth" the Iditarod Trail Race consists of teams of a solo-mushers and their sled dogs.  The actual trail is extremely long, distancing around 1,000 miles long and extends through Alaska from Anchorage all the way to Nome.   Originally, this trail existed out of necessity for the transport of goods and services such as mail, preachers, gold, foods, gold, and more.  In the more modern age, however, this trail has been used as a way to commemorate the sled dogs and drivers who helped build the area over time by its transportation of such goods.  This is primarily done through the aforementioned Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

Something most people do not realize, however, is the fact that the trail/race is never the same two years in a row.  As a means to spread the popularity of the race and lessen the toll the overconcentration of people during this time in specific cities, the Iditarod Trail alternates between its southern and northern routes.   During odd years, the trail will take its southern route, actually going through the city of Iditarod along with Shageluk, Grayling, Anvik, and Eagle Island.   The trail was originally exclusively taken along the northern route which is now only used during the even years, taking it through Cripple, Ruby, Galena, and Nulayo instead of those listed with the southern route. 

Because of the exclusivity of the race and callouts to previous times, spectators come from all around the world just to catch a glimpse of these incredible dog sled teams and the cities they travel through.  Being able to enjoy the local wildlife, eat the local food, and catch sights of the glaciers, endless snow, and more gives way to memories never forgotten by those fortunate to explore them.

Our Iditarod Trips

While our trips will not focus as closely on going through all of the locations on the Iditarod Trail, they allow travelers to see the teams in their starting town of Anchorage and different locations that are key to the trip as a whole (destinations vary with tour and tour operator).

Globus Alaska occupies the majority of our Iditarod-focused trips with Seward and Anchorage as primary destinations and Fairbanks as a potential add-on.  The towns are paid heavy attention with tours of historic downtown Anchorage, Martin Buser’s home on Big Lake, and even giving the opportunity to get a spot to watch the ceremonial beginning of the Iditarod race.

Discovery Tours by Gate 1 Alaska tours are the remainder of these Iditarod tours, visiting far more locations in the great arctic state.  Including Fairbanks and a larger focus on exploring individual ranches and regions, the Deluxe Dome Rail will take you to Denali where you have options for different excursions.


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