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What You Really Need If You Travel To Alaska

What You Really Need If You Travel To Alaska

July 03, 2018
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Alaska has pretty extreme weather. Those who travel here often arenâ??t prepared for what they are about to endure. This can make traveling to this state rather miserable. Itâ??s a shame really as thereâ??s so much beauty to see here. If you will be traveling to Alaska, try to pack some of these items so you can concentrate on these sites and not be uncomfortable because of the weather.

Fleece Jacket

Alaska is often cold. This is why you need to pack a fleece jacket. Dependent on the weather conditions it may not be enough to keep you totally warm, but itâ??s definitely a start. Plus, it isnâ??t too bulky and can easily fit in your luggage.


One of the things that many tourists donâ??t realize they need in Alaska is sunscreen. They arenâ??t aware of how sunny it can be as they just associate it with being cold. There are many times to where Alaska is sunny all day and night which means that you are more prone to getting a sunburn. No matter what time of year you will be visiting Alaska, never skimp on the suncreen.

Appropriate Footwear

A lot of travelers will be doing a good amount of walking while they are in Alaska, but are often ill prepared for the terrain. There are two things you need in Alaska as far as footwear goes: hiking boots and wools socks. Itâ??s a good idea to choose boots that have adequate ankle support so that you can conquer any trail that you like. Wool socks are the perfect complement to hiking books. They can keep your feet warm and blister free. If you wonâ??t be visiting the area in the winter months and plan on partaking in watersports, make sure you also pack a pair of durable sandals that can handle it.

Hand Warmers

Gloves are pretty much a necessity while you are in Alaska. But, what happens if they get wet or you lose them? Hand warmers can provide you with a way to quickly warm up your hands when your gloves just wonâ??t do. Not only can they warm up your hands quickly, but other parts of your body in a pinch.

Waterproof Jacket

Anyone whoâ??s visited Alaska before can tell you that youâ??re probably going to get rained on or snowed on. A waterproof jacket can help keep your clothes dry and is the perfect thing to put overtop your other items of clothing. Try to purchase one thatâ??s of medium weight and can resist wind as well. If you pair it with some rain pants you will be able to stay both warm and dry while you are in Alaska.